How To Eat Out For 2 Under $25 (Including Tip)

The best way to save money might be not to eat out. That’s one of the most popular frugal tips. Most frugal gurus will tell you not to eat out.
But you know what? Even though I have a very frugal life that’s one of the things I’m not willing to give up to save money. And let me tell you something, that’s completely OK. You don’t have to give everything up to save money and you don’t have to feel gulty about it. There are some things that are more important to us than saving some extra money.
Anyways even if you decide that you want to eat out I’m sharing with you the tricks that I use to eat out and not go broke 😉

Why I eat out once a week and why you should do it too

  • You deserve a break from cooking and cleaning.
  • You can relax and enjoy your meal without worring about cleaning afterwards and stop thinking about other things that need done at home.
  • It can be a date with your significant other. If your married it’s nice to go out with your husband and have dinner together. Spending quality time together it’s always a good thing for your relashionship.


#1: Skip the drink

Drink water instead. Water is usually free and healthier.


#2: Share

Restaurant portions are huge! They are bigger than they should. If you’re like me you can never finish them. You can always take it home but why spend more than you need to? You can always cook something less expensive at home. I’m a big fan of samplers. I love to try a few different thing every time.


#3: Check the daily special and promotions

Most restaurants have specials once a week or every day. There are also promotions for a limited time that can be good deals.


#4: Free appetizer

One thing I love about Mexican restaurants is the chips and salsa and the best thing is that they’re free! Other places might have other kind of free appetizers like bread or soup. This is great because is some extra free food.


#5: Use coupons

Sometimes you can find coupons on your newspaper or online. Also if you became a member (see next point) you can get coupons in your inbox or phone.


#6: Become a member/ Join for rewards

I tend to go the same places when I eat out so I either have a rewards card or get emails or text messages with promotions for all of them. You can get free food, free samples or discounts on your purchase. Think about the places you visit often and check if you can get a rewards card or sogn up with your emai or phone number.


#7 Buy cheaper gift cards

You can buy cheaper gift cards for restaurants in craigslist or popular websites like Plastic Jungle and Gift Card Grany.


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